Personal Training by Georg Kramer PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER DEEN


Our training together will have a number of positive effects on your body. In other words, alongside the fun aspects of exercise, the following are reasons and motivations why we train:


Cardiovascular System

Physical exercise on a regular basis lowers cardiovascular risks such as heart attacks or coronary heart disease. Not only does exercise lower the risk of stroke, but also it actively helps to lower arterial blood pressure, which is especially important for patients with increased blood pressure.

Your blood pressure is lowered, as well as the risk of a heart attack or stroke.


Muscles and Metabolism

Physical exercise encourages changes and adjustments in your muscle structure. Your cellular metabolism becomes more effective, and as an effect, the supply for the relevant muscles improves as well. Furthermore, there is a positive change in the sugar metabolism, which helps to prevent the risk of Type-II Diabetes. Insulin resistancy decreases which makes it easier to reduce body weight. Due to the higher percentage of  muscle mass, basic energy consumption also increases.
While the amount of LDL-Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) decreases, there is a simultaneous increase in HDL-Cholesterol (good cholesterol), which counteracts the formation of athersclerosis.

The percentage of muscle mass increases. More muscles burn more energy. The balance between “good“ and “bad“ cholesterol is improved.



Regular physical exercise influences blood clotting parameters in a positive manner. The flow capacity improves as a result. This is especially important for high-frequency travellers or people with jobs that require long hours of sitting at office desks.

Your blood flow improves.

Vegetative Nervous System and Mental Health

The physical “stress threshold“ is raised. The state of calmness, even in times of high pressure can be maintained longer, or re-achieved.
Physical exercise can stabilise moods through the production of serotonin and endorphines. Exercise therefore acts as an anti-depressant and helps to reduce psychological stress. Furthermore, it improves the exchange of messenger substances and stimulates the regeneration of nerve cells. Studies have mentioned positive effects on dementia disorders.

You are psychologically more balanced and resilient. Your mental power as well as your mood is positively influenced.

Immune System

Your immune system is strengthened and the risk of cancer decreases. Diseases due to chronic inflammatory processes are also subject to a positive change.

Your body‘s own defense is strengthened.

Locomotor System

The newly balanced and strengthened muscle corset supports and stabilizes the body, improves flexibility and coordination. Also, there is a clear increase in muscle strength.
Orthopedic conditions such as back aches or painful disbalances can be, in an ideal case, prevented. Post-traumatically we can reduce and eliminate them.
Articular cartilage become better “nourised“, ligaments and tendons are strengthened equally. As a result, the risk of arthritis is significantly reduced.
Bone density, which is a major factor in the reduction of osteoporosis risks, is mainly influenced by muscle strength and muscle mass.

Your trained muscle corset prevents pains such as knee or back aches. Problems related to aging can also be prevented or delayed.