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Your trainer - Georg Kramer

My name is Georg Kramer and I‘m a Sports Scientist as well as a Personal Trainer.
In 2000, I started training private but also corporate customers and have done so ever since.

Georg Kramer , Sports Scientist, Personal Trainer.


My extensive athletic career paved the way to my studies of sports sciences, with a minor in medicine at the University of Hamburg. Here I was able to gain experience in a very wide spectrum of athletic practices, as well as comprehensive knowledge in the field of the human organism and the positive effects of exercise on the human body.
Another example for the necessity of sports as balance for our daily lifestyle became clear to me while working as a a long-term editor at a sports publication.
Furthermore, I have been coaching sports teams since 1996, in particular at the International School Hamburg.

Active athlete, completed studies, editorial as well as coaching experience.


My athletic career, experiences during my studies, observations of daily office routines and last but not least the impressions of my various coaching activities lead me to the conclusion, that personal wellbeing and performance can only be improved in an effective and sustainable manner through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and most of all individual training program.

Individual and active strategies for an improvement of personal wellbeing and performance.


Due to my regular part-taking in training and study meetings, I guarantee an up-to-date knowledge in the fields of personal training, (sports)- medicine, nutrition and equipment.

Up-to-date knowledge


As a Personal Trainer, I have been awarded the Seal of Quality by the PREMIUM club of Personal Trainers. Furthermore, as a founding and board member of the Hamburg Association of Personal Trainers, my main aim and motivation is to ensure and communicate the quality and professionalism of Personal Trainers.
In 2007, I published a book titled “Personal Training as a Trend“ which offers insight and background information on this topic.

PREMIUM Personal Trainer, HHPT Member, Author