Personal Training by Georg Kramer PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER DEEN

My offer to you

I offer you a Personal Training, that is created to match your lifestlye and schedule perfectly. One to one situations make for the most enjoyable and challenging training environment.

My training is a custom tailored program, made to match and fit your lifestyle perfectly.


I will concentrate on you individually. Whether it may be in matters concerning training techniques or as a motivator, I guarantee maximum effects.

Individual, effective, motivating


My ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction. My concept and knowledge will add great value to your training and wellbeing, which is something that no other convential fitness program can offer. You will enjoy our exercise and will become confident in your own performance.

Your satisfaction is my goal

Whether it may be a busy schedule or office stress, I will set up training so that you can enjoy it. This will enable you to perform even better and will make you look forward to the next session that much more.

Enjoy your Training! The next one‘s round the corner.

We will train at locations that suit you the best.
At home, at work or simply wherever we find the best conditions to carry out our training program.

We train where you want to.


Also, we will arrange training according to your schedule.
Before work, during your lunch break, or at the end of a stressful day. As part of your work or as a relaxed weekend exercise session.

We train when you want to.


My competent partners are there for you. My aim is to offer you the best possible advice.  For this reason I have been co-operating with renowned institutions, respected doctors and health practitioners. However, situations might occur where even these people cannot offer perfect advice. In such cases, I will of course find the ideal partner for you.

Qualified and competent partners, always at your service.


My discretion cannot be comprimised!
Your personal information, topics that might come up during conversations and the actual contents of the training underlie my absolute and complete discretion. You will never find your name in a list of references, or as part of fitness-related article in a magazine. Regardless of the current state of our training contract.

Discretion is a given. Always and without fail.