Personal Training by Georg Kramer PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER DEEN

Game of Life

„Everyone is an athlete. Even if you don‘t play a sport, you compete each day in the Game of Life“ (Mark Verstegen)


This thesis is the basis on which I have created my training. Every day, we have to prove ourselves in the Game of Life. No time-outs, season breaks or pre-season preparations. More than that, in real life, no matter how varied lifestyles may be, there is a lot more to gain than titles or trophies. Exams, diplomas as first steps into the working world, challenges at work, family responsibilites, social environment and challenges in an aging society- Succesfully coping with all of these requires sound health and a sufficient level of personal performance.
Physical exercise and a healthy diet will have a positive effect on every part of your daily life. The training with me will motivate you to achieve these goals and will offer you countless ideas and options how to succesfully do so.

PTGK prepares you for every one of your daily challenges.