Personal Training by Georg Kramer PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER DEEN

Sample Training

In the same way that no two people are the same, your training will be unique and indvidually tailored to your needs. The following examples are there to give you an idea of what to expect from your own personal training experience.
However, don‘t forget that your training can also end up being altogether different from these examples.



The running program, which will significantly improve your endurance, will be carried out  independantly by you, according to a plan created by me.
Twice a week we will meet at your home to work on your strength and flexibility-Duration: approximately 1 hour. Since it is probably more convenient for you to train before your work, we will commence training at 7:00 in the morning.
We will begin with a short warm-up, using a thera band and weights, combined with coordination exercises as a wake up.
The main part will consist of strengthening exercises, which can be carried out using thera bands, weights, your own body or against mine.
We will finish this unit with a few stretching exercises to get you ready for the day.



We will meet at the Alster for a combination of running and strengthening exercises.
Since you prefer a short and interesting training and 8km at one time would still be a bit too much, we will include three breaks into our Alster run. During these breaks we will carry out strength exercises with the help of thera bands, weights and/or benches if available.
An extensive stretch completes this activating unit.



The Cyclassics are right around the corner and this year you want to enter this Hamburg cycling event well prepared. Knee problems, such as the ones in the previous years should not come up again.
We will meet at your home, where we will, prior to cycling, carry out strengthening and stabilising exercises for your knee with the help of rubber bands and balancing cushions..
Following this, we will start our bikes and ride for about 1,5 - 2 hours with varying intensity. This will depend on your form, training condition and weather.
Balance issues and muscle tension will be prevented by upper body strength exercises as well as an extensive stretch.


Your sporting career mainly concentrates on tennis and golf. Both of which you enjoy and perform with great ambition.
Both of these sports challenge your body in a very one-sided manner. As a result, you begin to increasingly experience back and shoulder pains. A slightly more flexible torso will also let your golf swing appear a lot more smooth.
For this reason, our training will mainly consist of stretch and strength exercises. I will come to your office or home with the necessary equipment such as thera band, weights, golf clubs and a sport mat, so that we can train right after your work.