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Injuries and Disease



You have just finished waiting for an injury to heal? Your rehabilitation has been completed and you would like to start your training again in order to regain a “normal“ body feeling and a former sense of security?
Following a (sports-) injury, you would like to return to your previous power capacity?
Thanks to the medical interests during my studies I can help and assist you on your path back to your usual mobility and strength.

Return to your old mobility and strength, or even discover new ones.

Cancer patients

The treatment of cancer requires great physical and psychological strength of the patients. Especially following chemo- or radiotherapy an adequate training program becomes very important in order to strengthen your body and to regain trust in this strength.

We will rediscover the strength of your body very carefully.

Cardiovascular problems

It is exactly this trust in one‘s own body and strength, which patients of heart attacks or other cardiovascular problems need so dearly. The traumatic event, or the surprising diagnosis has to be processed through adequate training. The body must be strengthened, and the joy of an active lifestyle has to be regained.

We strengthen your body for the future.

Psychological issues

Studies have shown that regular physical activity has anti-depressive effects. Physical training on a regular basis is of preventive and therapeutic use in the case of early stages of dementia related diseases.

We use the positive effects of an active lifestyle.


Lung and respiratory diseases

Therapy of lung and respiratory diseases such as asthmatic problems or COPD is not limited to drug treatments.
Regular and appropiate sport is also very important. As a strengthening and rhythmitisation of your respiration as well as your complete organism. Furthermore, as a way to psychologically process the disease and also, if needed, to normalise body weight.

Again, the slogan here is, challenge without asking too much. This way we can improve and increase the strength and capacity of your body, as well as your trust in it.

Regular exercise improves your breathing.