Personal Training by Georg Kramer PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER DEEN

First Steps


This is a simple meeting to get to know one another. No strings attached. First and foremost, I would like to introduce you to the world of Personal Training, answer any questions you may have, present you with outlooks and different options as to how you can achieve your goals. Also, this meeting will give you the chance to find out whether you feel like training with me.
On the other hand, this meeting also provides me with the opportunity to find out something about you. Through our talk I would like to collect some facts on your current state of fitness. We will talk about health related topics, our goals and aspirations, but also create a framework for our training. We will decide on scheduled times as well as physical, individual and financial issues.

Free of charge and with no strings attached we will get to know each other.



An indidual check up will provide me with insight on your current physical constitution.
Based on the things we talked about in our initial interview, I will create a check up which will help us to collect only relevant data. The extent and intensity of the tests will let you dive into areas of possibly unknown but pleasant physical challenges. If necessary, I will refer you to other performance related medical examinations with one of my selected competent partners.

Your current physical state