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PTGK for your business

A well thought-out exercise and health program can have positive effects on your business in a number of ways. On the one hand it keeps your employees and colleagues healthy and improves their performance. They are able to work more effectively. Also, offering health-related programs promotes identification with the workplace and improves communication at work.

Healthy and motivated employees in a pleasant working atmosphere.


On the other hand, health-oriented fitness programs are an efficient method to improve the popularity of your business and to make your company more attractive for potential clients or employees. If you want highly qualified and motivated employees, you will have to support them on a number of levels, through unusual, but engaging measures.
Especially nowadays, where we are confronted with a shortage of qualified workers, high absentee levels and fluctuation among executives are directly connected with increased costs.

A popular and attractive company-internally and externally: “This is where I want to work!“


I will offer you a health concept which is perfectly tailored to your company needs and aimed at your employees. The basis of this is an extensive analysis, which gives me the chance to create the concept as individual and effective as possible.
With the help of competent trainers and partners, I will turn this concept into practice.

Analysis, concept, implementation, monitoring.